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Uncle Dragon Says! 

If it makes sense, you are in the wrong place!! 

"What is Uncle Dragon Says?"

Uncle Dragon Says is a collection of quotes that is designed to make people laugh.  Some of the quotes are really funny while others are written to confuse you.  Some of the quotes are even made to make you think as there is are some that make perfect sense if you think about it for a moment.

When this was set up, it was set up to make people laugh.  When you are having a bad day at work, you can come home and read some of our quotes and laugh.  Laughter makes a person feel better thus improving their health.  If a person is healthier due to laughter, then we have our mission complete.

We are a group that enjoys helping others.  We are working hard to make this little idea, grow into something that will help people everywhere.

"What are the Goals of Uncle Dragon Says?"

Goal 1 of Uncle Dragon Says!

The first goal is to make people laugh.  The sillier the quote, the more people will laugh.  Laughter is a good healing method.  It makes one feel better when they laugh.

Goal 2 of Uncle Dragon Says!

The second goal is to confuse people.  Not all of our quotes are designed to make sense.  There are a quite a few that will make you scratch your head in confusion.  This is done intentionally.

Goal 3 of Uncle Dragon Says!

The third and final goal is to make you think.  Some of the quotes were written in a way to make you think about the conclusion or hidden meaning in them.  Clever will meet clever in this portion of it.  Good luck and happy thinking.

Where is Uncle Dragon Says Going With All of  This?

With time, we will become a fully functioning Non-Profit Organization.  We will be working hard to raise money to help different organizations that are trying to help others. 

Below is some ides of groups that need our help.  We will be working hard to assist as many of these people as we can.

Battered Women!

In many relationships, there are abusive partners.  Not all marriages, relationships, or pairings are loving and caring.  Some have abusive partners that take pride in beating on those that are smaller and weaker than they are.  We want to help by raising funds to help battered women escape from the abuse and pain they have to go through each day.

We are interested in helping other organizations by raising funds, getting half way houses set up, and other forms of aid.

We acknowledge the fact that not all abusers are men, and not all victims are women.  Therefore, we are also going to work on helping those males that are the victim of abuse and suffering.

Abused Children!

No all families can have children.  Many are saddened by the fact that they CAN'T have children to show love to.  Then there are those families that SHOULDN'T have children because they don't know how to raise them without hurting them.  There are many organizations that are doing their best to help get these abused children away from those that insist upon hurting them.  We are interested in helping raise money to assist all homes that are sheltering abused children, getting them the help they need to recover, aid foster homes that are housing these children, and helping to open more homes to assist.

Gay and Lesbian Teens In Need!

Even with all of the equal rights that are given to those that love the same gender, not all families are tolerable of the fact that their son or daughter is gay.  Many of those intolerable families end up sending their underage teen out on the streets because they don't want what they consider unnatural, tainted, sinful, evil, or any other term under their roof.  We want to help the LGBT organizations in raising funds for these teens to help get them out of harm and into a safe environment to know that there is nothing wrong with loving someone of the same gender
Uncle Dragon is personally interested in opening a halfway house for these teens.

"What does Uncle Dragon Need From You?"

The answer to this is simple.  We are looking for donors, sponsors, items, information, and funds.  We can't do this alone.  We are looking for people who can assist us by introducing us to the right people.  We need funds obviously.  We will be obtaining items with our logo on them for those donors who help us.  We will holding fundraisers to help raise money.  We will be in need of items for when we have the halfway houses set up.  We just are asking for any help that you might be able to offer.  No type of help will be turned down.  All forms of help are deeply appreciated.