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Dr Potions Master
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Veiwer 1: "I see that Uncle Dragon Says is up and running, mate." 

Mate: "Muck that is. Muck! I wouldn't pollute my eyes and mind with it." 

Veiwer 1: "I think it's quite clever, the way they do them quotes on their forum - that Dr Potions Master--" 

Mate: "Muck he is. Downright muck! They're all muck, every one of them." 

Veiwer 1: "That Uncle Dragon isn't. He's educated." 

Mate: "Well he ought to know better, consorting with that other muck. It's all double entendres, incinuendoes and catchpenny horseplay nonsense." 

Veiwer 1: "So you're not going to view it then?" 

Mate: "No. I shall just sit here and have a poke about the ashtray." 

Veiwer 1: "Alright mate, but I think you should view it." 

Mate: "Why? Give me one good reason?" 

Veiwer 1: "Well, I mean, you are one of the administrators." 

Mate: "Oh!


Ladies and Gentlemen - the website that contains ninety-nine percent of all known, unkown, mad and crazy jokes and quotes - Uncle Dragon Says.



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Dr Potions Master
Posts: 26

And that was Dr Postern née Goosecreature and his friend, Braden Nanty-Riah, who have both often been, but have never been allowed to as they are being remanded for a medical examination care of the BMA's Funny Girl Sanatorium Association. Dr Postern née Goosecreature is available though for Barmittzvahs and Weddings! On even dates. While his friend the honourable if slightly tainted with the passing of the years, Mr Braden Nanty-Riah, is only available for irritating the local public houses and flashing at passers by. Well now, my name is Dr Potions Master, and I try to write comedy in three parts.... Though, I stopped taking the tablets some years ago. And am now taking, in small doses the Saltbeef and baked jam roll. Well it helps the wind pass freely. And time to slow down to a bare minimum. 



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